Sufi Healing, Meditation & Wing Chun


Sufi Healing , Meditation & Wing Chun

Arshad-The-TouchThese sessions are run by Arshad The Touch who is a Sufi Healer based in Sheffield but who travels to offer his services at selected locations around the north of England. For us he offers 3 services, Sufi Healing , Sufi Meditation & Wing Chun

Sufi Healing are one to one sessions that last around 45 minutes and a common question I am asked is what is it? This is very hard to describe as each session is tailored to the individual but the sessions usually begin with a deep tissue massage ( you remain clothed) and then evolve according to your physiological or emotional needs. Each session is entirely confidential but I do know that clients have had profound and lasting effects from these sessions. Word of mouth has ensured that demand for his services is high and we are constantly having to add extra sessions to cope. Please see our News page for details of upcoming sessions and prices and if you would like any further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sufi Meditation

These are group Meditations that will run after Arshad’s regular Healing sessions and usually last an hour. Please note that because this is Sufi Meditation it is quite unlike any other kind of Meditation you are likely to have experienced before! Class sizes are limited so please book in advance and also bring a cushion or something similar to sit on. Details of up and coming sessions and prices are on our News page.

Wing Chun

Chi Kung Fu (Wing Chun) Martial Art originates from traditional Kung Fu (Wing Chun). All the techniques and applications are the same. In Chi Kung Fu (Wing Chun) learning about one’s movements and the flow of chi which is the inner energy this is done by balancing all 4 elements Fire, water, air and earth.

In a very peaceful flowing art, learning to relax all muscles, Chi Kung Fu (Wing Chun) allows you to break free the mind and soul to find inner peace and strength.

This is practice that has been done for many years and the benefits of the chi movement is beyond imagination. It is a practise that the Chinese and other Asian countries for many decades and is know to benefit ones health immensely.

Arshad’s Chi Kung Fu (Wing Chun) classes can especially heal and strengthen the over fifties.