The treatments and products used in our Salon have been carefully chosen to give you some of the very best professional treatments that are available. Some treatments such as our stress buster massage work well as a single treatment to relieve a particular concern but to obtain the very best from it a course is usually recommended and home and aftercare is vitally important. There are some recommendations that are specific to certain treatments and these will be given to you if appropriate but here are some general considerations that may apply to several treatments that we offer.

The Holistic treatments that we offer have been adapted from those used around the world for hundreds or even thousands of years. In those times before modern medicine these peoples developed their own beliefs systems about how the body and mind worked and the connection between the two. What is quite remarkable is that independently some of the conclusions they came to were very similar and modern medicine also recognises that the mind has an unquestionable effect on the health and wellbeing of the body. These treatments view the mind and body as one which is what the term holistic refers to and this means that having one of these treatments can sometimes have unexpected after effects. This is generally known as a Healing Crisis or Healing Response and it is generally explained as being caused by the treatment releasing blocked energy flows in the body. The body in a healthy state is in equilibrium and ill heath of body or mind upsets this equilibrium which stops energy flowing as it should and when the blocked energy is realised it takes time for the body to readjust. In practical terms this can sometimes be an immediate emotional response at the time of the treatment, or afterwards or it can be that you feel “rough” the day after but when it passes you will then feel the true benefit of the treatment. This response is not inevitable and it certainly doesn’t happen to everyone but it is a recognised response to this kind of treatment.

Try and schedule your treatment so you can enjoy the benefits. A deeply relaxing massage before a gym session or a moisturising facial before a swim will not encourage the optimum effects from the treatment.

Professional products are available for purchase from the Salon. These are of superior quality to over the counter products and some are of a prescriptive nature. You will be recommended products for home use as these will give you the optimum results from your treatments but you will not be given any kind of hard sell. I am passionate and committed to the products I use and I know they work because I have seen the results and I want you to see it too.

You will notice that I also retail The Advanced Nutrition Programme. I have an interest in nutrition but I am not a nutritionist and don’t claim to be but this programme was developed by Dr Patrick Holford one of the most respected authorities on diet and nutrition in the UK. The skin is the largest organ in the body but it is last in line to receive nutrients from the food we eat. Even if we eat our recomended 5 a day a report from The Department of Agriculture entitled Composition of Food found that the nutritional content of fruit, vegetables and some meats have decreased dramatically since 1930. The UK Diet and Nutrition Survey found that most people are not getting the full range of vitamins and minerals that the body needs for optimum health. This salon exclusive range provides supplements both for general health and for specific concerns and with the latest launch of Accumax in 2012 which is set to truly revolutionise the treatment of acne and means that either along with treatments and skincare or just on its own this range can seriously improve both your skin and your general health.