holistic treatments

Holistic treatments based on ancient rituals from around the world, relax and enjoy!


A full body massage with oils taken from plants and trees from around the world custom blended to your requirements. The inhalation of the oils combined with the application on the skin can be of great physiological and psychological benefit. A wonderful and relaxing treatment working on the full body.
1 Hour £40.00


Based on the ancient principle that meridians in the body correspond to reflex points in the feet and so represent the major organs and systems of the body. Working on these meridians can help the body regain its natural balance of energy which can help ease discomfort elsewhere. A wonderful relaxing treatment working on the feet and lower legs only.
1 Hour £40.00

Indian Head Massage

This massage is based on the Ayurvedic system used in India for over a thousand years and which has been passed down through generations to the present day. This technique is used on the face, head, neck and shoulders to help relieve stress and tension that has accumulated there.
45 mins £30.00

Thermal Auricular Therapy

This therapy is also known as Hopi Ear Candles as they were developed by the native Hopi people of North America. The candle is a tube made of beeswax, honey and essential oils that is placed at the edge of the ear canal and then lit at the opposite end creating a chimney effect which then draws out any wax or other congestion in the ear. This is a great treatment for drawing out impurities, relieving pressure in the head and sinuses and for aiding hearing problems.
30 mins £20.00


Reiki is a wonderful treatment using Universal energy and it suitable for anyone. There is no belief system or religion attached to Reiki the only prerequisite is the desire to be healed. This is a full body treatment that is carried out fully clothed.
30 mins £20.00